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Web Page Design and Hosting Services... more

  [Button-icon-gold.gif]Web Page Design - Simplicity and to the point -- these are foremost that we thrive for when we design web pages. 

[Button-icon-gold.gif]Web Hosting - The web pages are "published" on the Internet at the lowest possible cost. 

Personal Computer - Sales, Repair and Upgrade Services

[Button-icon-gold.gif]Sales - After discussing with the buyer to ensure proper configuration, we will build the computer system with parts of reputable name but at a cost that's reasonable and most times lowest in the surrounding area. 

[Button-icon-gold.gif]Repair - Our motto "no fix, no charge" says it all. 

[Button-icon-gold.gif]Upgrade - Your own parts or ours, we'll make your PC faster and more powerful at a low cost to you.  Sometimes this does not even require a change of hardware or parts, just some tweaking of your operating system and/or application settings.

Consulting, Training and Tutorial Services

[Button-icon-gold.gif]Consulting - We don't charge for the first hour of any service we provide for first-time clients.

[Button-icon-gold.gif]Training - Our instructors have experiences in classroom, college training of adults. 

[Button-icon-gold.gif]Private Tutorial - We can provide references from current and past clients who have used this service from us. 

If you want to contact us, or if you have any questions, please fill out and submit the form.

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